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Christening a table (with cake)

A friend of mine wasn’t feeling well enough to join in my birthday celebrations yesterday, where I had been presented with a mahoosive  birthday cake.

I couldn’t have her miss all the cake celebrations, so paid a quick visit to her lovely new home today where we officially christened her new table with a cuppa and slice of the birthday cake.

Every table should be christened with cake

Every table should be christened with cake

A magnificent birthday cake

All I’ve done is eat cake this last week or so…….I do have a habit of stretching out my birthday celebrations.

Yesterday saw me do a bit of a cake crawl with a friend from Glasgow, followed by a meet up with more ladies for a full afternoon tea. Just when I was stuffed to my sugary gills and didn’t have room for even a ‘wafer thin mint’ – my friend Sue presented me with this home made cake.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

What a stunner eh?

I really couldn’t fit enough crumb in (and I don’t say that often) so it was cut and distributed amongst the ladies.

It tasted as good as it looked – she’s a talented baker and runs Edinburgh cafe  – Musa on the Mound (Cafe Musa).

Thanks Sue!

The cake from above

The cake from above

I’m in love! (with a new cake shop)

It’s only  been open a couple of weeks, but I feel my cake life has already been enriched by Casa Angelina.

This new vintage tea room and patisserie is turning a corner of London Street into a girlie place to head (it’s next door to Carolyn Baxter’s boutique)

I’ve already sampled their afternoon tea and written about it. Hands down, the best afternoon tea I’ve had in Edinburgh – ever! That’s some accolade, but it’s the god damn truth!

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

I visited again this week to introduce one of my nieces to this mecca of cake and she loved it too. She chowed down on a slab of carrot cake and declared it was amazing with really amazing icing. She knows her carrot cake.

I opted for this beautiful piece of cake, coconut and mango.

Just look at it! It's so light and fluffy

Just look at it! It’s so light and fluffy

The cake didn’t disappoint, the combination of mango and coconut was heavenly. I could easily have gone for a second bit, but opted for a lemon tart to takeaway.

I obviously finished every last morsel.

Empty plate = happy Alison

So sad that it was finished

I’ll definitely be back to Casa Angelina and have been shouting about how good it is to all my cake-loving friends. In fact, I do believe I’m booked in for another afternoon tea already ;)

On the walls

On the walls

A feast of mincemeat

When you get invited to a baker’s house, it would be stupid to say no.

Earlier this week, I headed down to North Berwick with a friend for some Christmas shopping and popped into another friend’s house for some ‘lunch’. Well, it was an array of mincemeat treats she had rustled up just for us!

Allison sells her baked goods in Bunney’s in the North Berwick High Street, so well worth paying them a visit if you’re down that way.

Nutella and mincemeat filo parcels

Nutella and mincemeat filo parcels

Mincemeat shortbread

Mincemeat shortbread

Mincemeat pies

Mincemeat pies

And just in case we were still hungry, some cinnamon buns were also put on the table.

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon buns

All of the treats were served warm with lashings of tea and I perhaps overdid it a little, but then it’s hard to resist the goods when they’re right in front of you.

They were all delicious, but the Nutella and mincemeat parcels were my favourite. Who would have thought that those two would go together? Served slightly warm, it’s a heavenly combination.

Nutella and mincemeat = heaven

Nutella and mincemeat = heaven

We also witnessed Allison making her next batch of mincemeat.

Mincemeat in the making

Mincemeat in the making

And since we had travelled for our treats, we were given a bag ‘for the road’ full of more mincemeat treats. I’ve been told that the mince pies will keep until Christmas, but I’m not sure that’s going to be possible in my house – they’re too good to resist!

A bag of goodies for the road

A bag of goodies for the road

A baby shower with lots of cake

This afternoon saw a gathering of friends to celebrate a little baby boy who will be making an appearance into the world in early 2013.

Of course, the best way to do this is over tea and cake.

Beautiful china

Delightful savouries

Scandinavian cake

Bakewell tarts (with apple)

Strawberry cheesecake

Fruit scones

As requested, my epic Malteser tray bake

Lashings of clotted cream

I also loved the shortbread moustaches from Pinnies and Poppyseeds that had been purchased that morning from the Stockbridge Market.

An edible ladies version of Movember!

Shortbread moustache

A massive thanks to Victoria for hosting us and keeping our tea flowing throughout the afternoon.

What a splendid way to celebrate a new life heading into the world.

Underground Cake

As the time this post is published, I will be eating assorted cakes deep underground in Edinburgh. The event is run by the Edinburgh Cake Ladies who are hosting one of their events at the excellent The Real Mary King’s Close.

The theme was ‘spooky bakes’ which basically gave everyone the green light to bake what they are comfortable with and add a ‘spooky’ element.

I opted for my Malteser tray bakes which are gathering quite a following amongst various children of fellow cake ladies.

Chuffed with this batch

Preparing the basket

The title of my bake is ‘Infested Malteser tray bake’.

Infested with spiders

And bats

I have a dozen or so more plastic creatures to infest the bucket with when put on display.

How they will look at Mary King’s Close

Let’s hope they went down well!

Halloween cupcake from Cuckoo’s

I don’t often eat cupcakes. Waste of calories in my eyes and anyway, they’re fairy cakes.

One exception to the rule is the excellent Cuckoo’s Bakery in Edinburgh who excel at cupcakes. They have all kinds of flavours that constantly change.

On the 1st November I was aware they were doing their last day of Halloween cupcakes, so nipped to the tea room to meet a friend there.

Halloween cupcake

In the excitement of ordering one, I actually forgot what the name of this specific cake was. It had apple sponge and purple custard inside.

I didn’t actually want to ‘kill’ it by eating it, but I soon got into the spirit of eating the creation. My friend had a graveyard chocolate cupcake, complete with an RIP headstone in it.

Who doesn’t love purple custard?

You can’t get these Halloween ones anymore, but I recommend any of their cupcakes. They’ll soon be doing their Christmas themed cakes and I’ll be heading over to Dundas Street to bag myself some of them.


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